Kacey Lynn

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Kacey Lynn

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More About Kacey

Height: 5’1

Weight: 100 lbs.

Measurements: 34-23-36

Profession: Student/Hooters Girl/Future Massage Therapist

Relationship Status: Married

Favorite Sports Team: Football/New Orleans Saints baby!

Favorite Movie/Actor: The Shawshank Redemption/Johnny Depp

Go-to karaoke song: Ice Ice Baby

First Job: A candle shop in the mall.

Piercings/Tattoos (How many? Where?): I’ve retired all of my piercings except for my ears. I have a sun tattoo on my back.

What fun fact, talent, or mutant superpower of yours should guys know about?: I have the ability to make people fat with all the yummy things I bake. I’m a regular Betty Crocker if I do say so myself. I’m a damn good speller as well!

What’s the most memorable pick up line you’ve ever heard?: “How much does an elephant weigh? Enough to break the ice.” Cute, but cheesy nonetheless.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?: What happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans!

Have you ever lied to get something for free? What was it?: Nah, that’s not my style. If I want something bad enough I’ll pay for it myself.

What do you feel most comfortable wearing?: If I’m at home, underoos and a tank top. If I’m not, jeans. But I do like to be girly and get all done up every once in a while.

Would you rather have boring sex all the time or an amazing romp once a year?: Neither of those choices are acceptable!!!

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